Wedding Coordinator

Don't stress, it'll ruin your make-up. 


Whether you've nailed everything down to the tee, or whether you need help tying those loose ends together, we've got you covered. We offer day-of and month-of wedding coordination services. The coordinator will be your contact person so that you won't be bombarded and overwhelmed with questions demanding answers, and details requiring attention. We will oversee the specifics of your wedding and shall ensure that those elements are implemented precisely as you have envisioned. The coordinator will confirm all of your vendors in advance to verify with certainty that the contracted services are ready for execution, and will work in close collaboration with the DJ to create a seamless reception. The coordinator shall perform the role as the appointed liaison between you, your guests, and each vendor to deliver a smooth, organized, and stress free day. On your special day, your only responsibility is to enjoy and savor every moment without breaking a sweat.