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Picture This...!

You’ve just lived the most amazing day of your life. The hustle and bustle of the ceremony was incredibly beautiful, but gone too quickly. Cocktail hour amongst your family and friends was joyful, but you only had a chance to say hello to a select few. Then the Grand Entrance, a few bites of dinner, a little bit of cake, some beautiful words shared during the toast, minutes of your First Dance, some hugs and hello’s in passing… and now finally, some free time to get wild on the dance floor and a chance to connect with your guests! But wait! The reception ends in an hour!?! How did the day fly by so fast!? Did you even catch any of that? Did you have a chance to soak any of it in!? Well how about this: let’s give you an opportunity to relive the day before the evening even ends.

Trivino Entertainment's Videography Team will capture every moment from start to finish, and just before it all wraps up, they’ll pull up two chairs, one for you and one for your Boo, along with a 10-foot projector screen, and will give you front row seats to a 4-minute highlight trailer of the most amazing day of your life – video, music, audio, and all! Better known as “same day edit” cinematography. Why wait 2 weeks for the butterflies and happy tears to resurface, when you can have a chance to relive it all through our eyes that same evening.

Your final video, of course, would end up being a minute or so longer to include clips of your reaction to your Same Day Trailer, your private last dance (if you’re having one), and last, but certainly not least, your Grand Exit.

Coming Soon!

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